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Spring Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to our new newsletter format. It's been a little while coming but hopefully you will enjoy the improved layout. Unfortunately the amount of interest we have received made the old system a little difficult to manage.


Ironstone Cottage


La Rochiere Glassware

Have you ever purchased an item with its origin dating back to 1475? Imagine over 500 years of history........well La Rochere glassware does.

For avid history buffs the La Rochere glass-works was established in 1475 making it one of the oldest glass-works in the world. The glass-works are located in the village of Passvavant-la-Rochere, eastern France. In the 14th Century the Dukes of Lorraine encouraged glass makers to settle in the region and in 1448 the Duke of Calabria granted glassmakers a charter taking them into the ranks of nobility. Each glassmaker took an oath swearing not to teach the art to anyone other than their first male heir. Along with this restricted handing down of "know how" went property rights.

The glass works was destroyed in 1637 during the 30 year war. It reopened in 1660. From the 18th century there was a change in ownership and for the first time it was managed by traders and not historical glass families. Wood fired furnaces were used until 1905 when the factory converted to coal. It wasn't until the 1960's that a continuous gas furnace was installed. 

La Rochere glassware is a permanent stock line in store with many different styles available. If you are after a style which is not on display - just inquire as orders can be taken.


New Lines

Our enless search for new and exciting items continues and as always the intention is to provide a unique shopping experience where you will encounter items that are not availabe else where. To this end we have just recieved our latest shippment direct from Europe. We have for the first time Italian marble pieces and new homewares from Belgium and Holland.


Christmas Lay by

Time to start planning for Christmas.....where has the year gone! To help you out we offer a special Christmas Lay-by service from now until 24th December. Just ask the staff in store.



A reminder that images of new arrivals are available on Facebook. This is a great media to advertise the latest news and products. Those of you not following the site may want to "like" us. If your not a member you can still jump in and take a look by hitting the Icon above or searching Ironstone Cottage Facebook. In future we will also send a brief email when updating the Facebook page. Hopefully we wont bombard you with too much information!!

A Christmas Idea for Overseas

New Zealand possum products are a great idea for posting overseas for Christmas, light weight and ideal for the northern hemisphere winter. The range of socks, gloves and hats are made from a combination of wool, possum, and silk.